sharing the beauty of the mexican folklore dance with the world

We deliver the highest quality of dance training through caring and professional instructors in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere where we promote self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation for the fine arts of dance.

We not only provide instructors but most importantly role models to our students who are: hardworking, compassionate, humble, intelligent, grateful, honest, creative, conscientious,  talented and motivated; while producing quality, innovative, educational and engaging  class curriculums.

We acknowledge that the success of each dancer is a direct result of great teamwork between the dance studio and our dance studio families. We understand that each student has a unique gift of talent and creativity that allows them to tell “their own story!”

We inspire every dancer to find this creativity within themselves by providing an encouraging environment where all students can reach their full potential of artistic growth and dance education.

We support many fundraising efforts sponsored throughout our community because it is through community service that we can teach (and learn) the value of human kindness. It is this core value that will help us build a generation of dancers that will step up and make positive changes for themselves, their communities and our futures.

We believe that performing arts such as dance are essential to a harmonious society and that the infinite possibilities of human expression have the potential of building bridges and facilitating communication within and across cultures.

​​Our mission

Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy is an Arizona based professional traditional Mexican folklore dance school whose mission is the pursuit of artistic excellence
and development of cultural diversity impact around the world. 

We perform on the world's stages presenting our art in public and private spaces.  

We connect the world through the beauty of the Mexican folklore dance and inspire a lasting love and appreciation for dance through exhilarating performances,
authentic choreographies and outstanding educational programs.

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